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​Dr. Ramona Hollie-Major, EdD, MBA, C.L.C.

CEO - Chief Emergence Officer
The Emergence Leadership Advantage (TELA)

 Dr. Hollie-Major aka “The Co-Pilot” is a results-oriented leader, educator, transformational leadership coach, philanthropist, speaker, and writer. As a senior executive, she has coached and mentored both entry and management level staff to realize their goals. She has a leadership approach that embodies developing the mind, body and spirit. Leadership programs for emerging and new leaders is her passion and Signature Series.

Dr. Hollie-Major has been coaching and mentoring young adults and college students for over fifteen years. She has extensive experience in college administration, admissions and advising. Dr. Hollie has experience in higher education, program development and management, and training. She has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level in management, marketing and educational leadership.  

In addition, Dr. Hollie-Major provides guidance to individuals going through transitions in their life. She empowers people to discover and achieve their goals and ultimate success as they move forward. Her technique is “action-oriented” and applied from a “systematic” framework to enhance the lives of her clients. Transformational coaching is rewarding to her knowing that she is making a difference in the lives of others.

She has served on numerous boards such as the The Literacy Center, DeSales University Business Advisory Council, Discover Lehigh Valley, YWCA, United Way, Guest Relations Association, and Easton Main Street. Dr. Hollie-Major provides program development and evaluation consulting services to community-based organizations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and private corporations that reach young adults and people of color.

Ramona enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, spiritual and personal development, and serving God and her community. 

2023 Projects

Dr. Hollie-Major is developing a certificate program for new and emerging leaders based on her research, work with new and emerging leaders, and experience as a senior leader. The content focuses on critical leadership/management topics and individual coaching to focus on personal desired outcomes. New and emerging leaders will develop new skills, gain new tools and experiences, and develop a leadership perspective. A leadership program for new and emerging leaders for organizations with a vested interest in increasing the effectiveness and retention of new leaders.

In addition, Dr. Hollie-Major is developing a curriculum and educational materials based on her research, work with high school students, and experience as a college administrator. A resource tool guide for educators, community organizations, non-profits and educational institutions with a vested interest in increasing the number of first-generation and minority students attending post-secondary institutions.   

She continues to create leadership and coaching products and programs devoted to helping others discover and achieve their goals and ultimate success. 


Dr. Hollie-Major co-authored, "The Art of Activation: 24 Laws to Win, To Thrive, To Prosper, To Rise" with 23 other AMAZING women. Her chapter focuses on "Embracing Life's Detours." By sharing her personal story and experiences she is able to show people they have what it takes within themselves to help them maneuver through life's detours and place them on the right track to their destination. 


Dr. Hollie-Major released her second book, "Taxi Into Position: 5 Principles Every Millennial Should Know Before Taking on a Leadership Role." It is a leadership ebook for emerging leaders and high potentials. Make sure you have what it takes by creating a purposeful leadership brand for yourself. In the meantime, you will learn how to ready yourself to take the steps to get there by visualizing and preparing for the leadership role you want. You will learn how to soar to success in the workplace and be ready for TAKE OFF!

Dr. Hollie-Major released “The One: Redefining the Soul Mate” with co-authors Kay Hughston and Susan Kiefner. It is a collaboration project about INSPIRING women. The book takes a look at the definition of “The One” and the soul mate and helps to redefine it from a more holistic perspective. The women share their stories on their “One” and how that person taught them how to give and receive love. We want this book to serve as a resource for persuasive inspiration with the hope of realizing meaningful change and impactful growth in the lives of others.

Adjunct Faculty Member

Subjects: management, marketing, educational leadership, school/community relations, study skills

DeSales University, Delaware Valley College, Lehigh Valley College, Coppin State College. 2001-2009


Hollie -Major, R.D. "Fleming Institute for Business Ethics Bowl Competition." Flemings Institute for Business Ethics, Center Valley, PA, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2017. Judge

Hollie-Major, R.D. "Parent Involvement." 12th Annual Conference on Parent Education, University of North Texas, Dallas, TX, 20 February 2004. Presenter.

​Hollie-Major, R.D. "War in the Middle East." DeSales University, The Salesian Center for Faith and Culture, Center Valley, PA. 27 February 2003. Panelist.

Hollie-Major, R.D. "Relationships and Family Skills." Center for Humanistic Change, Bethlehem, PA, 2002. Presenter.

Hollie-Major, R.D. "Strengthening Families." The Family Tree, Baltimore, MD, 2000-2001. Parent Educator

Multiple media experiences in TV, radio and print in the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia areas over the past 10 years.


DeSales University Business School Advisory Council (2010 – Present)

The Links, Inc., Bucks County Chapter 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Omega Zeta Omega Chapter

Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Inc., Willingboro Eta Chapter

Jack and Jill of America, Inc., Bucks County Chapter, Associate Member

Literacy Center of the Lehigh Valley

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