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Leadership "Power Surge"

Virtual Teleconference 2015

"Creating a Purposeful Leadership Brand for Yourself"

Join us for a 3-day Leadership Marathon! 12 speakers in all!

February 24-26, 2015
Speakers at Noon and at 8 PM EST

This 3-day event will educate you on leadership skills and tools you need so you are able to fulfill your desire of becoming a leader in your workplace and/or the community. This is a holistic approach to leadership and takes into consideration the mind, body, and spirit ensuring a balanced and fulfilling life. 

The information shared by the speakers who represent leaders, mentors, educators, visionaries and entrepreneurs will help you accelerate your timeline to a new leadership position and increase your effectiveness as a new leader. That new leadership position awaits YOU in 2015!

You can PARTICIPATE in this teleconference from the comfort of your home, office or while on the road simply by dialing into our private conference line each session. The conference number will be provided to you upon registration.

FREE Registration. Limited Availability.

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