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Teen Life Coaching

Is your college-bound teen still undecided?

Choosing the right college major is one of the biggest decisions for college-bound students.  Most students want to get it right the first time.  However, some will require a second or even third try till they get it right and are happy with what they are studying.  Here are some tips to help make the decision sooner in the process and or the change majors sooner in the process.  This will save the student having to take additional coursework to meet new major requirements and Mom/Dad from having to write a check for an extra semester or year of tuition.

Teen Coaching Discount

20% Off all Life Coaching Rates for Teens (Email package excluded)

Is Your Teen Feeling Overwhelmed?

Is your teen feeling overwhelmed with school, sports, extra curricular activities, community service, family, relationships and the many other things they deal with on a day-to-day basis?  Here is an article to read to provide some guidance and balance for your teen.  If you are looking for more one-on-one assistance for your teen to work on balancing their day and reducing stress levels, please check out my website Teen Coaching page at . If your teen could benefit from my coaching services, give me a call for a free consultation.

Teen Suicide - Educate Yourself...

Parents: 1 in 6 teens made suicide plans last yr. Pls educate yourself & listen to this: 

How can you educate your teens about the use of credit cards?

Let's give our children a head start on fiscal responsibility.  These strategies will help them learn to use credits cards responsibly.

Vision Boards for Teens

Many of you may be familiar with "vision boards".  Vision boards are used as a tool for you to identify your vision with clarity, reinforce daily affirmations and maintain focus on your goals using images, words and phrases.  It is a constant reminder to keep your attention and focused on your goals.

Here is an article that speaks to the use of vision boards with your teen.  Our youth today are influenced daily by images surrounding them - why not use the same to have them set goals, receive daily affirmation and maintain focus on their goals.

Teen Goal Setting: Could your teen benefit?

Here are some simple steps to help your teen set goals.  Whether it is for academics, sports or personal, this is a great exercise for teens to practice until it becomes a reoccurring habit that will benefit them greatly as they transition into adulthood.

Why Teen Life Coaching?

Let us help your teen/young adult by empowering them with the proper tools and resources they need to find balance in their life while achieving their goals.

Your teen and/or young adult, as a student, has: 
• academics, 
• athletics, 
• extracurricular activities, 
• community service, 
• friends and family, etc. 
all competing for their time. Live Your Life Coaching is all about finding balance in their life. Our goal is to help your teen and young adults find balance for all the things that are important to them while still taking care of self and the people who are important to them.
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