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Coach Dr. Ramona Hollie-Major  - aka "The Co-Pilot"

"The Art of Activation: 24 Ways to Win, to Thrive, to Prosper and to Rise"

This book will change your life. Written by 24 remarkable authors that provide you with action steps to success no matter what success looks like for you: success in business; attaining wealth, having loving and harmonious relationships; helping the less fortunate; or your personal health and wellness. The Art of Activation© will give you key tactics and strategies to run in hot pursuit towards your personal, professional and global purpose.

What these authors have discovered is that no success is possible without action. The Art of Activation© contributing authors talk about their challenges, trials and tragedy, as well as their victories and dedication of service to themselves and others.

As you read through the stories you will reignite that unlimited potential. Each law features stories, anecdotes and lessons drawn from experience that are both informative and entertaining. The Art of Activation© is your guide to realizing that power and living a happier and more fulfilled life starting today.​

Softback: $20.00 (shipping included)

Dr. Hollie-Major released her third book “The One: Exploring Our Significant Relationships & Exposing Why We Love The Way We Do” with co-authors Kay Hughston and Susan Kiefner. The book takes a look at the definition of “The One” and the soul mate and helps to redefine it from a more holistic perspective. The women share their stories on their “One” and how that person taught them how to give and receive love. We want this book to serve as a resource for persuasive inspiration with the hope of realizing meaningful change and impactful growth in the lives of others.

Softback: $20.00 (shipping included)

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